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Reaching Out To Our Neighbors


For a number of years apartment owners and managers near Tramway and Indian School Road have had a familiar visitor. Marge Montano of Armored Mini Storage goes out once-a-week to let her neighbors know about the deals that are cooking at Armored Mini Storage and invites property owners and managers to refer people to Armored’s nearby location.

Armored Mini Storage offers a $25 reward to anyone who refers a customer who rents a self storage unit. This includes businesses as well as individuals. Apartment owners stand to gain by helping out their residents and informing them of the value that comes from putting a few extra things in storage.

In the past few years many people have had to downsize from houses to apartments. Not all apartments have the ample space to store extra items, such as tools and equipment, that might have fit neatly in a house garage. Sometimes that little extra space that comes with a separate self storage unit can make a huge difference in the comfort of your living space when downsizing becomes necessary.

The good thing about Armored Mini Storage is they have such a variety of unit sizes and configurations that it is easy for someone to find the exact space to fit their needs.

Armored Mini Storage has two properties adjacent to one another. There is a large indoor facility that can house all types of items in a climate controlled environment, and there is a separate drive-up location which makes it easy to pull up a truck or car and load and unload items through a roll-up dock style door.

So perhaps you will see Marge visiting your neighborhood to let prospective customers know about all that Armored Mini Storage has to offer.

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