Apartment Dwellers Discover Self Storage

Armored Mini Storage has the unique advantage of being situated close to many apartment complexes in northeastern Albuquerque. Apartment residents find it convenient to have such a large storage facility so close with such a variety of sizes from which to choose.

One particular apartment building that sends many referrals to Armored Mini Storage is Prairie Hills Apartments. Located just down the street from Armored, residents at Prairie Hills often drop by to check out additional storage space. Whether it’s for storage during a transition, or just the need for a little extra closet space, Armored can provide the right size unit to their customers. Residents find the low pricing so appealing many keep their storage units for years.

With their friendly staff, quality housing and amenities, Prairie Hills is host to over 500 families. At any given time, upwards of 10% also choose to store at Armored Mini Storage.

Just ask Janet W., a long time renter at Armored and resident of Prairie Hills Apartments. She uses her space to store the items needed to facilitate estate sales for her clients all over the city. Janet has been renting with Armored for over 20 years and she is still a happy customer.

Reaching Out To Our Neighbors

For a number of years apartment owners and managers near Tramway and  Indian School Road have had a familiar visitor. Marge Montano of Armored Mini Storage goes out once-a-week to let  her neighbors know about the deals that are cooking at Armored Mini Storage and invites property owners and managers to refer people to
Armored’s  nearby location.

Armored Mini Storage offers a $25 reward to anyone who refers a customer who rents a self storage unit. This includes businesses as well as individuals. Apartment owners stand to gain by helping out their residents and informing them of the value that  comes from putting a few extra things in storage.

In the past few years many people have had to downsize from houses to apartments. Not all apartments have the ample space to store extra items, such as tools and equipment, that might have fit neatly in a house garage.  Sometimes that little extra space that comes with a separate self storage unit can make a huge difference in the comfort of your living space when downsizing becomes necessary.

The good thing about Armored Mini Storage is they have such a variety of unit sizes and configurations that it is easy for someone to find the exact space to fit their needs.

Armored Mini Storage has two properties adjacent to one another. There is a large indoor facility that can house all types of items in a climate controlled environment, and there is a separate drive-up location which makes it easy to pull up a truck or car and load and unload items through a roll-up dock style door.

So perhaps you will see Marge visiting your neighborhood to let prospective customers know about all that Armored Mini Storage has to offer.

Spring Cleaning in the Winter

The holidays have come and gone and the New Year is upon us. Are you feeling a little let down after all that cheer? Then, this is the perfect time to purge your home and clear away the clutter! But, where to start?

Begin by taking down
all those fabulous
decorations you love, take the time to
pack these items safe and secure. You will thank yourself next

Also, wrap the fragile items and then put them in a snug box; and make sure they are kept in a cool, dry place to keep your family’s treasures nice for next year.

Now, before you nicely seal the box and label it with the contents; here is a tip from Marian T., a current storage unit holder at Everest Self Storage.

“Take a
minute, as you gather all the decorations that need to be packed away, to write a little note to yourself about the Holiday that just passed, and any intentions for the New Year. Include that note in the box. That way you have a little something special to look forward to reading next season when you open the box!!”

This is also a great chance to rearrange your living space. Get a different view of life. It is truly amazing how refreshing it can be just to re-arrange some of
your furniture which may have been moved
already from the

You probably feel good just thinking about it. Be creative and most importantly… make it fun!


Self Storage Helps Mattress Company

The high cost of rent for a warehouse and the long lease terms are not always easy for a small business to afford, especially in a slow

Luckily, Everest Self Storage offers an alternative. By utilizing
storage units in various sizes, small businesses can scale their warehouse space to the exact dimensions they need and thus save money while still having the opportunity to grow.  Another advantage to using self storage is the month-to-month terms available. There are no upfront deposits or long leases for a business owner to
worry about.


One company that has taken advantage of this opportunity is Affordable Mattress Company. Affordable Mattress Co. is a small family owned business that, until recently, had its own warehouse. Unfortunately, the expenses became too great for them to maintain it.


Patrick of Affordable Mattress Co. has been in business for over 35 years. The last couple of months he was almost forced to shut down his entire operation due to excessive operating expenses. He was reluctant to retire so early in his career but didn’t feel he had an alternative.

After discussing his situation with Everest Self Storage, Patrick was able to acquire 380 square feet of warehouse space for half of what he was previously paying. Now he is able, not only to afford the operating costs of his business, but also to reduce prices for his customers, while continuing to grow the business that he loves.


An added bonus for
Patrick is the fact that Everest Self Storage is conveniently located  near the  I-10 so he can easily access his most direct delivery routes.


Stage Your Home for Sale


Selling your house can be a hassle, but selling itwith a Real Estate Agent makes things easier. A prospective buyer likes to get an idea of what is possible with the space. A good agent knows what to keep and what to get rid of when it comes to your home décor. A house should feel spacious, ready to occupy, and uncluttered. When preparing your house for sale, look to see if there are things you can eliminate to make your house showroom perfect for the open house. Self-storage is an option for all of those left-over items. Take an objective look and stage your house so that the buyer can see the potential of the space to be blank canvas where they can begin to add their own personal touches.

With the housing market making an obvious turn for the better don’t underestimate the importance of a good real estate agent. Laws and markets are changing so anyone looking to sell their house should start looking for a real-estate agent first. Forbes.com gave thesetop five reasons from to have real-state agent on your side:

  • Better Access/More Convenience
  • Negotiating Is Tricky Business
  • Contracts Can Be Hard To Handle
  • Real Estate Agents Can’t Lie
  • Not Everyone Can Save Money

The fact of the matter is: If you wanted to buy flowers for an occasion, you would go to a florist. If you want to sell a house, you go to an agent. Having been in the area for years, Armored Mini Storage can point you to a good agent in your area. Stop by and ask for a referral.

Tax Season is Coming…Are you prepared?

It’s tax season at Armored Mini Storage. That means we are abuzz with families and businesses that store their tax documents, past and present. The simple idea of keeping those items out of your house or business is necessary for some, but self-storage is a pleasant refuge from the clutter of home or business space for others. The secure and convenient facility of Armored Mini storage is ready to store all of those items that you need, but just don’t want to take up that precious living or commercial space. Our climate controlled facility has a large variety of sizes including those specifically geared toward storing documents. Stop by or give us a call and see how we can make your life easier. Armored Mini Storage is an established local self-storage facility serving the community for over 25 years. Our facility is safe, secure, and a perfect place to keep your documents. Whether it is personal, business, or a combination of both, “We’re the place when you’re out of space”.


Self Storage – Great for School

school pic

Davie Self Storage (DSS) provides a great option for students that are planning to return home for their Spring Break or Summer Vacation.

DSS has a wide variety of sizes and in addition you will be able to select whether to store your items in an air conditioned or in a drive up unit.

Their professional staff will help you find the unit that best suits your needs and make your move in experience effortless.

So, enjoy your vacations and let Davie Self Storage take care of all your personal belongings until you are ready to return to school.

Why to Use Self Storage While Remodeling A Home

2016-04-04 at 3.16 PM
Remodeling a home can be an exciting but also stressful experience. During this time homeowners will be opening their home to different crewman from electricians to plumbers to even city inspectors depending on the type and size of renovation.
Read More

Businesses Need Room To Grow


Very often businesses in the local community find creative ways to utilize additional space they get when renting a unit from Davie Self Storage in Davie, FL to help enhance their business and allow them to operate more efficiently. Such is the case of Mr. Rolf Berg of Southern Florida Landscape.

Mr. Rolf Berg has been a long term tenant to Davie Self Storage. His company Southern Florida Landscape has been in operation over 20 years. Extremely knowledgeable on the landscape industry Mr. Berg does installations, maintenance, and irrigation systems as well as other home improvement projects.

By renting a 12’ x 30’ drive up unit, Mr. Berg is able to store all his tools and equipment which allows him to conveniently drive up and access his supplies on a daily basis. The central location of Davie Self Storage’s works well with all his local customers and the reasonably priced units help him stay competitive in the industry. Mr. Berg also emphasizes the cleanness and safety of storing with Davie Self Storage as another selling feature that makes it work for his business. Peace of mind comes with knowing you can go home at night and be assured your business equipment is safe.

Mr. Berg would like everyone to know that if one of your goals this year is to remodel, paint or even make space for new furniture in your home you can use a self storage unit to have your belongings stored and allow for the change you are about to create. Davie Self Storage offers both drive-up and climate control units to meet the needs of any small business and with access from 7am to 7pm every day of the week it fits a busy work schedule.

Customer Spotlight: Painting Concepts, Inc.

Painting Concepts, Inc. has been in business since August of 2001 and now works throughout the entire state of Florida.

Their company provides a wide variety of services include painting for new construction, including residential, commercial, and Hiline custom homes; repainting residential, & commercial properties; decorative painting, including faux finishes, wood graining, Venetian plasters; installing wallpaper; and finally, roofing care services such as waterproofing and chemical cleaning.

Painting Concepts1

Painting Concepts take great pride in their ability to provide great customer service, on-time scheduling and superior workmanship for an affordable price.

Mr. Guayara, a Painting Concepts representative, has found a way to make his work flow more conveniently and efficiently. Instead of storing all his inventory and materials at a warehouse, he has utilized the resources at Davie Self Storage. By using a self-storage unit to store his business tools and materials, Mr. Guayara has discovered the how convenient it is to use Davie Self Storage as an extension of his business. Davie Self Storage is conveniently located on University Drive and offers long, convenient gate hours. Many units at Davie Self Storage provide drive-up and easy access for the loading and unloading of the tools and materials used for their projects. In addition, Davie Self Storage has exceptional customer service and great prices.

Painting Concepts2

Feel free to contact Painting Concepts by email at info@nullpaintingconcepts.com or by telephone at (561)-586-7121 and let them know that Davie Self Storage sent you.

Davie Self Storage’s main goal is to provide all of our customers with the best service and to fulfill all their needs. We also offer a wide selection of supplies such as locks, boxes, and other essential items to complete their move. We invite you to visit our website at www.davieselfstorage.com to check out our great prices or contact one of our friendly staff members to hear about our monthly specials.