You’d Be Surprised What’s In Stor(age)

Outrageous Occasion party décor has been in business for 28 years. Judi & Ted Mckissick are the owners, and have been storing all their props with Davie Self Storage for 23 years! They decorate Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasion from Kendall to Palm Beach providing a personalized attention to each and every customer bringing their party fantasy to life! Mr. and Mrs. Mckissick are very pleased of doing business with Davie Self Storage and to store their items in a clean and reliable location.

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Mr. Watson, who has been storing with us since 2003, said he was very satisfied with his storing experience. He has about 80% of his unit filled with home items and 20% of items that belonged to his work. Mr. Watson also mentioned that he is very pleased with our customer service, and that our location and access are very convenient.

Many doctors, attorneys and business offices in general have their files and office items stored in our facility for several years. They expressed their contentment of storing with Davie Self Storage. So come and visit Davie Self Storage and let one of our friendly staff member help you save money and make your move easier.

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