Self Storage Works With Managed Care to Help Seniors

Downsizing can be an important step when senior citizens need to think about moving to a more supportive environment such as a managed care residence. That is why Everest Self Storage is teaming up with Camino Vista Homes and Managed Protective SVC. Everest wants to allow seniors to continue to hold onto their valued possessions even if the space in their new living arrangement does not allow it to be with them all the time.


Everest is making a great effort to make a easy transition into a new home  while also making sure their personal belongings are safe and protected for the future. Everest Self storage is making storage easy & affordable for all senior citizens with specials designed specifically with them in mind.

Jack Holden, is a customer at Everest Self Storage. He recently commented, “I just started storing with Everest Self Storage. They gave me a great deal. I asked one thing it was to have a unit with easy access and they gave me the perfect space. Love the service and I will recommend them to all my friends. Thank you Luis & Liz”

So if you are looking to downsize for any reason, you can give Everest Self Storage a call and talk to one of our storage professionals. They can advise you on the best way to store all your keep-sakes and still stay within your budget.

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