Self Storage Helps Mattress Company

The high cost of rent for a warehouse and the long lease terms are not always easy for a small business to afford, especially in a slow

Luckily, Everest Self Storage offers an alternative. By utilizing
storage units in various sizes, small businesses can scale their warehouse space to the exact dimensions they need and thus save money while still having the opportunity to grow.  Another advantage to using self storage is the month-to-month terms available. There are no upfront deposits or long leases for a business owner to
worry about.


One company that has taken advantage of this opportunity is Affordable Mattress Company. Affordable Mattress Co. is a small family owned business that, until recently, had its own warehouse. Unfortunately, the expenses became too great for them to maintain it.


Patrick of Affordable Mattress Co. has been in business for over 35 years. The last couple of months he was almost forced to shut down his entire operation due to excessive operating expenses. He was reluctant to retire so early in his career but didn’t feel he had an alternative.

After discussing his situation with Everest Self Storage, Patrick was able to acquire 380 square feet of warehouse space for half of what he was previously paying. Now he is able, not only to afford the operating costs of his business, but also to reduce prices for his customers, while continuing to grow the business that he loves.


An added bonus for
Patrick is the fact that Everest Self Storage is conveniently located  near the  I-10 so he can easily access his most direct delivery routes.


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