How Business Owners Use Self Storage

Running a business requires a lot of storage space whether it is a brick and motor, e-commerce or mobile business. Business owners are turning to self storage because they are discovering the many options that a self storage unit offers.


Business owners no longer seek a storage unit just to store inventory but have discovered multiple uses for a self storage unit. For example, independent business owners can use their storage unit as a showroom and inventory pick up location.

Not to mention being able to use the storage unit as a small warehouse to ship and receive goods right out of the unit. This allows business owners to free up more of their retail space.

When Aprille from Covina Custom Platform Bedframes, realized she need additional space she new self storage was the way to go. After shopping multiple locations she realized Everest Self Storage was the choice for her. Using the storage unit to assemble furniture inside the space has allowed her to free-up more work space around her shop.

So if you are thinking of starting your own business or simply out growing your current one, Everest Self Storage can help.

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  1. Wow, that’s a great idea to use a self-storage unit for business purposes. I like the idea of extending your shop space with a unit like Aprille did. I think it might be useful for other businesses to store things like cabinets of paperwork in a storage unit as well. It’s sure to open up office space.

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