Everest Self Storage Welcomes a New Business Customer

a34652923f5a7ff0a7f3bdf2200a7298Everest Self Storage welcomes Lorenzo Ochoa from American Pools Inc to their facility. He is a self employed business man that started storing his equipment with Everest Self Storage because his business is growing fast. Lorenzo loved the fact that the property is near the I-10 and loop 101. What he also liked is the flexible hours and that they are open 7 days a week to answer and help him with any concerns or needs in both English and Spanish.

“I was working at a construction site when Elizabeth approached me with a flyer and offered me a great deal to please come down. So I went down and saw the different sizes and was amazed with the rates and great deals. The plus was I live right down the street”

Everest Self Storage offers you storage space for all your business and personal needs at low prices. So don’t wait any longer and come on down so Elizabeth, Luis and Tj can help you with all your storage needs.

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