Customer Spotlight: Gonzalez Tax & Immigration

After the recession hit, in 2009, Samuel Gonzalez, owner of Gonzalez Tax and Immigration, had to make some tough decisions. Due to the reduction in business, Samuel could no longer afford to have an office space for his company; he had to downsize and give up his commercial office space. This meant that he would have to store important business documents in his house while he struggled to maintain his business.


That same year Samuel was introduced to Everest Self Storage on McDowell Road. It was a perfect solution to his business problems. He was able to store all of his paperwork and files. By having a separate storage location for his business files Samuel was able to make sure his client’s personal records were safe in a secure location and protected from the elements.

Initially Samuel was able to fit all his business files into a 4’ by 5’unit. However, once he was able to re-establish his business he expanded to a 9’ by 10’ unit. One of the advantages of using self-storage is you can expand as your business needs increase.

According to Samuel, “it was such an easy decision to move into Everest Self Storage, because of the low cost and the convenience of the Everest location, which is close my home.” Today Samuel’s business is once again thriving. And while he can utilize commercial office space again, he still has a self-storage unit because of the convenience and peace-of-mind in knowing his clients information is safe.

Whether you have to downsize a business or a home Everest Self Storage is here to help. All Everest units are drive-up accessible and safe with your own lock securing them. Small businesses love to use Everest Self Storage because it saves them money compared to renting commercial space and helps them avoid getting locked into expensive, long-term leases.

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