Everest Self Storage Welcomes a New Business Customer

a34652923f5a7ff0a7f3bdf2200a7298Everest Self Storage welcomes Lorenzo Ochoa from American Pools Inc to their facility. He is a self employed business man that started storing his equipment with Everest Self Storage because his business is growing fast. Lorenzo loved the fact that the property is near the I-10 and loop 101. What he also liked is the flexible hours and that they are open 7 days a week to answer and help him with any concerns or needs in both English and Spanish.

“I was working at a construction site when Elizabeth approached me with a flyer and offered me a great deal to please come down. So I went down and saw the different sizes and was amazed with the rates and great deals. The plus was I live right down the street”

Everest Self Storage offers you storage space for all your business and personal needs at low prices. So don’t wait any longer and come on down so Elizabeth, Luis and Tj can help you with all your storage needs.

Everest Works With Local Charity Group

Hope for Charities

Everest Self Storage has teamed up with “Hope for Charity” to help local families in need of clothing, beds and all house hold items. If you would like to donate or help with this amazing charity please call or stop by Everest Self Storage for more info.

Customer Spotlight: Gonzalez Tax & Immigration

After the recession hit, in 2009, Samuel Gonzalez, owner of Gonzalez Tax and Immigration, had to make some tough decisions. Due to the reduction in business, Samuel could no longer afford to have an office space for his company; he had to downsize and give up his commercial office space. This meant that he would have to store important business documents in his house while he struggled to maintain his business.


That same year Samuel was introduced to Everest Self Storage on McDowell Road. It was a perfect solution to his business problems. He was able to store all of his paperwork and files. By having a separate storage location for his business files Samuel was able to make sure his client’s personal records were safe in a secure location and protected from the elements.

Initially Samuel was able to fit all his business files into a 4’ by 5’unit. However, once he was able to re-establish his business he expanded to a 9’ by 10’ unit. One of the advantages of using self-storage is you can expand as your business needs increase.

According to Samuel, “it was such an easy decision to move into Everest Self Storage, because of the low cost and the convenience of the Everest location, which is close my home.” Today Samuel’s business is once again thriving. And while he can utilize commercial office space again, he still has a self-storage unit because of the convenience and peace-of-mind in knowing his clients information is safe.

Whether you have to downsize a business or a home Everest Self Storage is here to help. All Everest units are drive-up accessible and safe with your own lock securing them. Small businesses love to use Everest Self Storage because it saves them money compared to renting commercial space and helps them avoid getting locked into expensive, long-term leases.

How Business Owners Use Self Storage

Running a business requires a lot of storage space whether it is a brick and motor, e-commerce or mobile business. Business owners are turning to self storage because they are discovering the many options that a self storage unit offers.


Business owners no longer seek a storage unit just to store inventory but have discovered multiple uses for a self storage unit. For example, independent business owners can use their storage unit as a showroom and inventory pick up location.

Not to mention being able to use the storage unit as a small warehouse to ship and receive goods right out of the unit. This allows business owners to free up more of their retail space.

When Aprille from Covina Custom Platform Bedframes, realized she need additional space she new self storage was the way to go. After shopping multiple locations she realized Everest Self Storage was the choice for her. Using the storage unit to assemble furniture inside the space has allowed her to free-up more work space around her shop.

So if you are thinking of starting your own business or simply out growing your current one, Everest Self Storage can help.

Let’s Get Organized!

The old saying goes “a place for everything and everything in its place”. That’s easier said than done for most of us. Organization is a process. It involves time, thought, motivation and effort. These days you can do it yourself or hire a professional organizer to come in and help you. There are another group of professionals who can help out as well, like the staff at Everest Self Storage, El Segundo, CA.

Newsletter 14 Pic ELS

These managers have a total of 24 years in the storage business and can assist you in making smart storage decisions. If the garage, basement, or attic of your home is already full, then maybe it is time to consider renting a storage unit. Everest Self Storage is the perfect place to store your personal belongings that might be rarely used but are definitely worth keeping. Conquering clutter takes work, but nothing beats an efficient and organized home.

Self Storage Works With Managed Care to Help Seniors

Downsizing can be an important step when senior citizens need to think about moving to a more supportive environment such as a managed care residence. That is why Everest Self Storage is teaming up with Camino Vista Homes and Managed Protective SVC. Everest wants to allow seniors to continue to hold onto their valued possessions even if the space in their new living arrangement does not allow it to be with them all the time.


Everest is making a great effort to make a easy transition into a new home  while also making sure their personal belongings are safe and protected for the future. Everest Self storage is making storage easy & affordable for all senior citizens with specials designed specifically with them in mind.

Jack Holden, is a customer at Everest Self Storage. He recently commented, “I just started storing with Everest Self Storage. They gave me a great deal. I asked one thing it was to have a unit with easy access and they gave me the perfect space. Love the service and I will recommend them to all my friends. Thank you Luis & Liz”

So if you are looking to downsize for any reason, you can give Everest Self Storage a call and talk to one of our storage professionals. They can advise you on the best way to store all your keep-sakes and still stay within your budget.

Moving and Storage Go Together

Moving companies and self-storage facilities are businesses that naturally go hand-in-hand. So it helps if the two businesses have common goals and philosophies. Classic Delivery and Moving is a local, family-owned moving company that has been a customer and associate of Everest Self Storage for almost three years.

moving and storage

Classic Delivery rents three large storage units that they utilize to store their equipment as well as their client’s items when the client needs a temporary holding place while moving or transitioning.

Tom Scott, the owner of Classic Delivery, and his staff are very friendly, hard working and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer’s needs. The same great work ethic can be found with the staff at Everest Self Storage’s Bell Road facility.

Everest Self Storage and Classic Delivery and Moving are natural business partners. Whenever a customer comes into Everest Self Storage and asks for a reliable moving company Everest is happy to mention Classic Moving and Delivery. Tom also recommends Everest Self Storage anytime one of their customers asks about a storage facility.

Helping the community work better together is the goal of these two family-owned businesses. Tom says he appreciates the hospitality of the management team as they wave to him when he drives through and when he comes in he is always greeted by name.

Production Industry Calls Everest Home

Everest Self Storage is the premier production storage facility in the South Bay. It is located close to LAX, the 405 & 105 freeways, and just around the corner from Raleigh Studios – Manhattan Beach. Everest specializes in helping all types of production and production related companies. They have over 11 years of experience in accommodating the specific needs of production industry professionals.

production nl pic

Currently, Everest Self Storage is home to twenty production and industry related companies including: sound engineers, cinematographers, stunt directors, special effects, computer graphics, lighting equipment, props, rigging equipment, video game developers, and independent filmmakers.

They are able to offer companies like these large, ground level, fully drive-up accessible, steel storage units with extended gate hours to suit their special needs at the most reasonable rates in the area. There are several parking options available as well, to accommodate large or small trailers, boats, and cars. Everest can also handle shipping and receiving for companies at no additional charge.

So, if production equipment is overcrowding your studio or personal space let Everest Self Storage help.

Self Storage – A Real Deal For Real Estate!

Selling your house can be a hassle… selling your house with a Real Estate Agent makes it easier. A good agent knows what to keep and what to get rid of when it comes to your home décor. A house should feel spacious, ready to occupy, and not cluttered. Self-storage is the perfect option for all of those left over items. Although your house may have been suited for your life in it, it doesn’t mean it is ready for everyone to immediately imagine your collection of elk heads on the wall before buying it.


With the housing market making an obvious turn for the better, anyone looking to sell their house should start looking for a real-estate agent first. The idea is to facilitate the selling of the house for the person looking to sell. The following are the top five reasons from Forbes.com to have real-state agent on your side:

1. Better Access/More Convenience
2. Negotiating Is Tricky Business
3. Contracts Can Be Hard To Handle
4. Real Estate Agents Can’t Lie
5. Not Everyone Can Save Money

The fact of the matter is: If you wanted to buy flowers for an occasion, you would go to a florist. If you want to sell a house, you go to an agent!

Selling a house can be lucrative, but it can also come with some up-front costs that can be very expensive at times. According to the IRS, when it comes to selling your house, there are some ways you can save money during tax time.

Truck Drivers – Stop and Store

Everest Self Storage located in the south west end of Phoenix seems to be the location that truck driver prefer to keep their belongings safe while they are on the road. Marven Muse and Lagina Lugo drive a semi truck all around the US since they became trucking partners in the trucking industry. Over the last year they have been found that by storing their household items at Everest Self Storage they gain peace-of-mind while they are on a long haul, knowing their personal items will be safe when they return. One key factor for in their decision to storage with Everest was the easy access off the I-10, auto pay and the convenient gate access hours.


Ibraim Brao is another truck driver that has been storing his personal vehicle with Everest Self Storage since January 2010. Ibraim enjoys storing his personal vehicle with Everest as it is between two major truck stops and he can pump gas grab a bite to eat and stop by and check on his vehicle while he is traveling through town. He also likes it because he has the ability to make a payment from his lap top with Everest easy online payment program no matter where he is traveling.

Everest Self Storage provides great customer, online payments, auto pay, 24hour gate access and the convenience of being half a mile from the I-10 and two major truck stops. Every truckers drivers dream!