Apartment Dwellers Discover Self Storage


Armored Mini Storage has the unique advantage of being situated close to many apartment dwellers in north eastern Albuquerque. Apartment dwellers find it convenient to have such a large storage facility so close with such a variety of sizes to pick from.


One particular apartment building that sends many referrals to Armored Mini Storage is Prairie Hills Apartments. Located just down the street from Armored, residents at Prairie Hills often drop by to check out additional storage space. Whether it’s for storage during a transition, or just the need for a little extra closet space, Armored can provide the right size unit to their customers. Residents find the low pricing so appealing many keep their storage units for years.


With their friendly staff, quality housing and amenities, Prairie Hills is host to over 500 families. At any given time, upwards of 10% also choose to store Armored Mini Storage.


Just ask Janet W., a long time renter at Armored and resident of Prairie Hills Apartments. She uses her space to store the items needed to facilitate estate sales for her clients all over the city. Janet has been renting with Armored for over 20 years and she is still a happy customer.

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