An Extension of your (pharmaceutical) Business


Dorene Wilde, a local North Phoenix pharmaceutical sales rep. is utilizing Everest Self Storage located at 1025  E. Bell Road to help her with her marketing materials, binders and sales information.

Dorene has rented a small storage unit at Everest Self Storage to securely store her materials.

When asked why she stores with Everest Self Storage, Dorene says that it is very convenient for her as Everest Self Storage as part of their standard customer service will receive her shipments of marketing materials for her, lock them in their secure area, call her to let her know the materials have arrived and then assist her in loading her vehicle. She said she also appreciates the fact that the storage areas are air cooled, which is a huge advantage during the HOT Phoenix summers.

She also mentioned that it’s very convenient for her to just come in while she is on the road and pick up more of whatever she needs. The other “neat feature” that Everest Self Storage provides to their clients is the “auto pay” system

She also appreciates the hospitality of the management team as they wave to her when she drives thru and when she comes in she is always greeted by name.

Everest Self Storage located at 1025 E. Bell Road can be contacted at 602-942-1910 or by email at Their website is Give them a call and see how then can help you with your business needs.

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