A Warehouse for Small Businesses


Since the recession hit in late 2008 early 2009 the self-storage industry has seen a large influx of businesses abandoning their warehouses for the more economical and practical self-storage facilities.

One example of this is our Everest Self Storage’s customer Jose Pardo of West Coast Electric.  Jose Pardo has been with Everest since 2008. He first started storing for personal property  when he noticed that Everest Self Storage also rented RV spaces. When Jose asked the for pricing information on RV spaces because he discovered it would be more cost effective for his business  to store his work vehicles with Everest  when they were not in use.

According to Jose, “It was an easy decision to move my vehicles because of the low cost and the convenience of being so close to the I-10.” In the past four years since starting his partnership with Everest Self Storage, he has rented multiple parking spaces in addition to several traditional spaces for all of his work vehicles as well as two 10’ x 10’ units to store his equipment, eliminating the need for an expensive warehouse all together.

Everest Self Storage has seen multiple construction businesses such as Omega 2003 Group Core, Your Friends in Phoenix, Envision Capital Fund, and Carrion Construction follow suit in making Everest Self Storage their warehouse and parking solution.

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