Spring Cleaning in the Winter

The holidays have come and gone and the New Year is upon us. Are you feeling a little let down after all that cheer? Then, this is the perfect time to purge your home and clear away the clutter! But, where to start?

Begin by taking down
all those fabulous
decorations you love, take the time to
pack these items safe and secure. You will thank yourself next

Also, wrap the fragile items and then put them in a snug box; and make sure they are kept in a cool, dry place to keep your family’s treasures nice for next year.

Now, before you nicely seal the box and label it with the contents; here is a tip from Marian T., a current storage unit holder at Everest Self Storage.

“Take a
minute, as you gather all the decorations that need to be packed away, to write a little note to yourself about the Holiday that just passed, and any intentions for the New Year. Include that note in the box. That way you have a little something special to look forward to reading next season when you open the box!!”

This is also a great chance to rearrange your living space. Get a different view of life. It is truly amazing how refreshing it can be just to re-arrange some of
your furniture which may have been moved
already from the

You probably feel good just thinking about it. Be creative and most importantly… make it fun!


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